Top Kutol Products

Top Kutol Products
With our state-of-the-art laboratory and computer-aided manufacturing, Kutol is equipped to develop, manufacture and deliver quality hand soap, hand sanitizer and dispensing solutions to our customers, consistently time after time. Here are their top products:
  1. Kutol Foaming Instant Hand Sanitizer(1000 mL)

  2. Kutol EZ Foaming Dye & Fragrance Free Hand Soap(1000 mL)

  3. Kutol Pink Lotion Skin Cleaner(1200 ml)

  4. Kutol EZ Hand Hygiene No Touch Wall Mount Dispenser-Black

  5. Kutol KML Moisturizing Lotion(Gal., Flat Top)

  6. Kutol Clean Shape Enriched Lotion Soap(1000 mL)

  7. Kutol Universal Drip Tray

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